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Clementine & The Galaxy is the collaboration between vocalist Julie Hardy and guitarist/producer Mike MacAllister.  Since releasing their first single, "Crying My Whole Heart Out", and playing their first show in February 2012, the NYC-based duo hasn't slowed down.  They released an EP (featuring their second single and video, "Robot"), a well received cover of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box," and numerous remixes.  They signed a co-publishing deal with Songs Publishing in 2013 and are wrapping up their full-length album.  The band's whirling blend of soaring vocals and synth-driven art-pop has captured the attention of critics including Interview Magazine who premiered their recent single "Lazer Gunz".

Front-woman Julie Hardy has performed live with Ellie Goulding on Saturday Night Live, St. Vincent on David Letterman, and is also the voice of the College Humor's viral sensation "Look At This Instagram".  Producer Mike MacAllister writes music for various TV programs, films, and advertisements.  His music has appeared in, among others, commercials for XBox, Nike, McDonalds, the documentary "Freakonomics", and as the theme for the Encore channel.