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In the year of 2012, emerging from a galaxy far, far away, vocalist Julie Hardy and guitarist/producer Mike MacAllister formed on planet earth as Clementine & The Galaxy. On Valentine’s Day 2012 the duo released their first single, "Crying My Whole Heart Out". Since then, Clementine & The Galaxy released a self-titled EP (featuring their second single and video, "Robot"), a well received cover of Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box", and a remix of Big Data's “Dangerous”, among others. This year, Clementine & The Galaxy will reveal to the earth their second EP, Midnight Machine, which is set to be released on Jillionaire of Major Lazer's Feel Up Records.


Julie Hardy made her Earth television debut on Saturday Night Live where she performed live with Ellie Goulding and followed that up with a  performance on David Letterman with St. Vincent. Julie is the featured vocalist in films "Cymbeline" (2014) and "Haunters" (2014)  and the College Humor viral hit, "Look at this Instagram”. When she’s not busy fighting space-villains Julie also teaches in the Jazz department at the New School.


Julie's sidekick, Mike MacAllister, is Clementine & The Galaxy's producer and guitarist. Mike supports his terrestrial lifestyle by writing music for films and TV commercials, and his tracks have been featured in ads for Xbox, Nike, Levis, and many others. His recent film scores for "Freakonomics: The Movie" and "The Sprit of Laxmi" were premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival."